Architectural Project Planning Phase

With any project, there is nothing more important than the Planning Phase. It's during this crucial period that initial project directions are set, where the budget is solidified, and you can start to see your vision take shape.

The planning phase is particularly essential when it comes to architecture. For projects of all sizes, clarifying the Project’s objectives is vital to overall success. The first step in the development of a meaningful project is completing the Planning Phase, which is part of what Lam Architecture credits with our success.

Lam Architecture maintains offices in Saddle Brook and Washington Township in New Jersey. While our projects originated in Edison, Paramus, surrounding areas in Northern and Central New Jersey, we are expanding our operations throughout the New York Metropolitan region.

Accomplished and EFFECTIVE Architects

Lam Architecture is experienced and resourceful, with a dynamic and flexible view of how a project can develop. We have decades of experience successfully designing and completing a diverse range of projects.

Our unique service-oriented process makes us uniquely qualified to assist you on your upcoming project. We view each and every part of both the planning and execution stages as significant in determining the outcome. We work hard to ensure each step not only accomplishes an optimal result, but at the same time makes your life easier.

Lam Architecture 3D Rendering

How our Process Works

When you engage Lam Architecture, the first step is to sit down with our Principal to review the full scope of the project. By defining your objectives and requirements for the completed work, we can create a comprehensive design plan for your Project.

During the first phases, we work directly with our clients to assess their needs and goals for the project. This helps us determine how to best proceed, as well as ensure that from the very start all involved parties are on the same page, and have clear and workable lines of communication. Our aim with every project is to meet or exceed client expectations in every aspect of our work, from the quality of communications to the end results!


While every part of the architectural process is necessary, the Planning phase is essential, as it sets the tone for the rest of the Project. Mistakes that are made during this phase will only be amplified as things move forward, which is why we take care to ensure that all of the client’s main requirements are addressed the in the Planning phase before advancing to the next step.

Our entire team is made up of experienced, talented architects who bring a diverse collective skillset to your Project. We will ensure that your vision will be transformed into a beautifully constructed building, completed on time and on budget.

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For forward-thinking design, think first of Lam Architecture. We put our skills and passion into the creation of the plans for your Project, because we know how important a well-designed facility is for your business. To learn more about our services and what we can do for you, call our offices today.

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