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We work closely with you to create distinguished, elegant, functional designs that are both business-friendly and visually appealing. While we strive for the most satisfying aesthetics for your facility, we put equal emphasis on Client service and responsiveness, the highest levels of technical expertise, quality documentation, cutting-edge technical resources, and professional competence in every respect.

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The Lam Architecture Commitment

Our Mission is based on providing design, architectural solutions and services that enhance the business and quality of life in your commercial facility. Through our methodical yet creative approach, Lam Architecture service delivery meets and usually exceeds the expectations of our clients. We apply practical and creative expertise to manage any challenge or demand that arises during the design and construction processes.

Lam Architecture maintains offices in Saddle Brook and Washington Township in New Jersey. While our projects originated in Edison, Paramus, surrounding areas in Northern and Central New Jersey, we are expanding our operations throughout the New York Metropolitan region.

What Our Principal has to say

“Our Mission is to provide expert design solutions that enhance the lives and productivity of our commercial clients, their employees, and their customers. With our methodical and creative approach, Lam Architecture balances important design considerations with practicality and budget. The Principal of the firm is hands-on and involved with Clients, assuring attention to the big picture as well as the details. Production work is then responsibly delegated to our top-level teammates, returning to the Principal for review, quality assurance, and quality control.“

- Lawrence Lam

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Maximize productivity and efficiency:

We can help your business by creating a facility within which your employees can be more productive and efficient. These related characteristics are optimized through well-considered Auto Dealership floor plans and consideration toward a sustainable and healthy working environment. Your investment in good facility design will pay dividends for many years to come!


For your important commercial facility, you should engage only the most experienced Professionals. Lam Architecture will help you foresee and avoid problems and implement effective solutions to address them. In the multiple issues that you will likely face, we can be more effective in dealing with them than other firms with less (or unrelated) experience.

Analyze building needs:

Architecture isn’t about laying out pretty floorplans that may (or may not) work to your practical advantage! A lot of hard-earned experience is embodied into every Lam Architecture commercial facility design, enhanced by the input of our Client and their most trusted Department managers. The combined Team members work in concert to create the most productive and business-friendly environment possible, in order to conduct your business and create the future you want and deserve.


Lam Architecture staff and partners attend Continuing Education courses, pertinent industry conferences, and trade shows so they can remain updated on the latest technologies, trade trends and products. Current with the latest developments, we provide superior design, planning and implementation services at all stages of the design process.


Lam Architecture in addition to designing brand-new, out-of-the-ground commercial facilities, we have completed an even greater number of Renovation / Alteration projects. Although these are two completely different project types, we are equally comfortable with either. Both project types present interesting challenges and opportunities for pleasing and profitable finished results.

We aim for nothing less than complete client satisfaction. Contact us to discuss your ideas for your next commercial facility design project by calling us. (862) 210-9092 or email an inquiry to:

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